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March 15
E Educational Event
10 am — 6 pm

Ongoing Exhibitions

Participating dealer exhibitions and auction house viewings continue all day.
Please join our many gallery openings and receptions. Information available on individual dealer pages.

2 pm

E Tour: Newark Museum

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Special Tour of the Collection

4:30 pm

E Lecture: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Annual Distinguished Lecture on the Arts of South and Southeast Asia
Early Buddhist Rockcut Monasteries of India: Asceticism and Art
with Pia Brancaccio, Drexel University, Philadelphia

6:30 pm — 8:30 pm

E Lecture: Runjeet Singh Limited

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A lecture will be delivered in conjunction with the launch of a new book by Dr. Ravinder Reddy titled Arms & Armour of India, Nepal & Sri Lanka: Types, Decoration and Symbolism.
Please note that space is strictly limited, it is essential to RSVP to Runjeet Singh at:

The Fuller Building
41 East 57th Street
Suite 704
New York 10022