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Japanese Art

Japanese Art

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39 East 78th Street
Suite 401
New York 10075

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T (212) 799 4021

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Current Exhibition

Seen|Unseen New work by Akiyama Yō and Kitamura Junko

In a highly anticipated exhibition, Joan B Mirviss LTD will present new works by critically acclaimed artists Akiyama Yō and Kitamura Junko. Akiyama's powerful sculptures look as if they have been excavated from the earth's very core ‚ and, with subtle reddish-brown tones, as if the liquid magma had just barely cooled. Kitamura covers curvilinear forms in ethereal geometric patterns that seem to ebb and flow across the surface. As different as they may initially appear, similar ideas about the possibilities of clay inform the artworks of this Kyoto-based artistic couple. Greatly inspired by their teachers who co-founded the Sōdeisha ceramic movement, both artists are known for conceptually daring works that shake loose traditional ties to functionality. Akiyama and Kitamura explore the very essence of clay in their latest works created for their second joint exhibition at Joan B Mirviss.

Nov-20, By appointment

Online Exhibition Available at