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The Charles B. Wang Center
Stony Brook University
100 Nicolls Road
Stony Brook, NY 11794

(631) 632 4400

MonFri 10am–8pm
Sat & Sun 12–8pm
Free admission

2020 Exhibitions & Special Events

Exhibition: March 12–June 14, 2020

Forgotten Faces: Visual Representation of Trauma and Mass Killings in Asia

Curated by Jinyoung A. Jin, Forgotten Faces traces the cultural phenomenon of mass killings in Asia, where untold numbers of civilians died as a result of colonialism, Cold War politics, unstable nation-state systems, capitalism, globalization, social and economic inequality, and growing ecological challenges. This exhibition reveals the links between these crimes against humanity and works of art from Cambodia, India, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. These works illustrate the tensions between journalism and aesthetics, and documentation of unspeakable acts and a crisis of representation.