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2017 Exhibitions & Special Events

Asian Galleries

The collection of Asian art includes diverse materials from China, Japan, Korea, Southeast and Central Asia, and India, dating from Neolithic to present times. The permanent display of Chinese art includes Shang dynasty oracle bones, ancient ritual bronze vessels, ceramic vessels and figurines, Buddhist sculpture, and a rare group of Liao dynasty painted wood tomb panels and coffin boards from the tenth to thirteenth centuries. Selections from the Museum’s collection of Chinese painting and calligraphy are also exhibited on a rotating schedule. Japanese art such as Jomon vessels, Heian and Kamakura period sculpture, Muromachi lacquerware, and Meiji period cloisonné are displayed alongside installations of paintings, calligraphy, and prints. The Asian galleries feature displays of Korean celadon and porcelain ceramics as well as metal, stone, and terracotta sculptures from Southeast Asia, India, Gandhara, and other Central Asian regions that allow the visitor to trace developments in Buddhist sculptural styles.