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Walter Arader Himalayan Art (New York, NY)

China, Qianlong Period 
Gilt Bronze, 37 cm (14.6 in)

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Art Passages (San Francisco, CA)

Talismanic Shirt
Bijapur, Deccan, India, ca. 17th century
Inscribed with colored inks on fine cotton
46" in width and 32" in length.

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BachmannEckenstein JapaneseArt (Basel, Switzerland)

Shimizu Kosho (1911-1999) 清水公照
"Flower and Fruit Kannon" (Kajitsu Kannon)
H: 22 cm (8 5/8 in)

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Prahlad Bubbar (London, UK)

A Mughal Courtier
By the artist Manohar
Imperial Mughal, Shah Jahan period, circa 1630-50
Opaque watercolour and gold on paper
38.5 x 25 cm

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Buddhist Art (Berlin, Germany)

Indonesia, Central Java
10th century
Volcanic stone
49 cm high

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Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc. (New York, NY)

Fine Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Baluster Vase
Decorated with a scene from a classic tale with Military figures conversing, situated on a draped terrace of a palace; with Court lady waiting outside
Kangxi period, ca. late 17th century
Height: 18 ¼ inches  (46.3 cm)

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Cohen & Cohen (London, UK)

An extremely rare pair of porcelain ‘nodding head’ figures of reclining maidens each holding a book, the heads separate
Qianlong period circa 1750
Length: 9 inches

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Carlo Cristi (Brussels, Belgium)

Buddha Sakyamuni
Gilt copper alloy, semiprecious stones
Tibet, 14th-15th c.
33.5 cm (13 1/4 in.)

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Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. (New York, NY)

SAKAEGI Masatoshi 栄木正敏(1944- )
IWASHIMIZU Vase No.6 石清水花器
H7” x W7.8” x D5.9”, H18 x W20

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Carole Davenport (New York, NY)

A Sculpture of Jizo Bosatsu
Early Edo Period
25.5 inches high
Joined woodblock construction with gesso and pigments and gilding, inlaid crystal eyes and urna (third eye).