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Indian, Himalayan &
Southeast Asian Art

Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art



Akar Prakar

New Delhi location

D 43 Defence Colony
New Delhi - 110024
+91 98303 28558


Dance of The Elements by S H Raza

19th February – 14th March 2021
Akar Prakar, New Delhi
D 43, Defence Colony,
First Floor
New Delhi 110024
Tel: 011 – 41315348

Asia Week Exhibition 2021

Jayashree Chakravarty
Unfoldings: The Route Map Of Experience

The immeasurable aspects of gathered experiences inspire Jayashree Chakravarty to create her handmade paper scrolls and paint on an expansive continuous surface. Monumental and larger than life, these shape shifting wall-like constructions made from the composite of different kinds of paper and fabric superimposed and glued, stands tall and firmly resilient to create an enveloping/engulfing space with a comforting interior. The artist, while painting, was thrilled by the possibility of optically walking into the animated gestural flow of whirling spaces painted on both sides of the scroll. The spontaneous energy of Jayashree’s rigorous markmaking and layers of drawing, charting navigated as well as imaginary maps, routes and evolving urbanscapes, fuse childhood thrills of journeys with her father to forests, cities and the countryside, with her growing desire for a habitat defying borders and territories, embracing the immensity of the sky, sea and land.