Japanese Art

Japanese Art

The Art of Japan

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Asia Week New York 2021

The Art of Japan is open by appointment and always open on the web. Our Asia week exhibition features new acquisitions for spring, including Ukiyo-e, and Shin Hanga. Of special interest, we feature a collection of landscape prints by Hiroaki Takahashi (1871-1945) which were published by master publisher, Fusui Gabo from the late 1920’ and into the 1930’s. Hiroaki produced hundreds of designs for Watanabe, but his least common and most desirable works resulted from his collaboration with Fusui Gabo. We invite you to view all our prints at the website, and if you are in Seattle, please make an appointment to view our Japanese prints.

On-Line Exhibition of Japanese Prints

Ongoing exhibition of Japanese Prints, 18th to 20th Century

Daily on the internet, Calls Welcome (PST)
(otherwise by appointment)

Ongoing exhibition available at theartofjapan.com