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Japanese Art

Japanese Art

The Art of Japan

P.O. Box 432
Medina, WA 98039
Doug Frazer: (206) 369-2139
Richard Waldman: (206) 859-9940

Facebook: theartofjapan

100 New Acquisitions

Doug Frazer and Richard Waldman of The Art of Japan have been hard at work hunting for and finding, beautiful and interesting images. These 107 images are now added to their New Acquisitions, which may be their finest grouping in 35 years. From Hokusai to Hiroaki and from Sumo to Surimono, there is something for everyone who loves Japanese prints. Particularly notable is this very fine impression of Hokusai's waterfall design, The Falling Mist Waterfall at Mt Kurokami, Shimotsuke Province, from 1832. This impression, on a nearly full sheet, is comparable to the best impressions found in any museum collection. Hiroaki's 1931 Awabi Diver is lavishly printed with Mica background in double oban format and has a red key block that warms and accentuates the model's form. Of special interest is a group of seven exquisitely printed designs from Kunisada's painfully rare 1823 series of ten prints, Mirrors of the Modern Boudoir, which depicts beautiful women at their ablutions within their private quarters. For Sumo fans, they have assembled seven Katsukawa school designs that are full of character and in remarkably fine condition. One of their favorite designs of the collection is a delightful depiction of Onoe Kikugoro V as the Balloonist Spencer, by Kunisada III, a vertical diptych showing an actor as Spencer suspended from a balloon.

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Fine Japanese Woodblock Prints

The Art of Japan’s Combined Experience of over 75 years of collecting and dealing in Japanese prints places them among the top tier of dealers in Japanese prints and paintings worldwide. If you plan to come to the Seattle area and would like to view the artworks, please contact them for an appointment. If you would like to see the prints on exhibition, they exhibit in New York during Print Week in the Fall. In the Winter they are at the Portland Fine Print Fair at the Portland Art Museum, and in the Spring, they are in New York again to exhibit during Asia Week. By joining their mailing list, you will be notified of new acquisitions, as well as their exhibition dates and locations.