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Chinese Art

Chinese Art



Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

65 East 80th Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY, 10075
Tel: (646) 838-9395

Instagram: @fuqiumeng
Wechat: fqmprojects

CHEN DUXI: The Order of Body

January 6-March 4, 2023
Opening reception, January 6, 6-8pm

Beginning on January 6th, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art presents Chinese artist Chen Duxi’s (born 1983, Chengdu) first major solo exhibition in North America. Titled The Order of Body, the exhibition consists of paintings on silk which reveal the artist’s persistent interrogation of time, motion, and objects through a synthesis of Western oil painting and traditional Chinese ink painting. The neo-traditionalist paintings Chen creates can best be located in his ongoing engagement with lines and threads, which seek to express the subtle stability of qi and the concealed shi (momentum) that underlie the observable world. Though his works take classical elements of landscape and figures as stylistic references, Chen does not merely seek to revive antiquity. Rather, he grounds the act of painting in the artist’s embodied relationship with the natural world.


Asia Week New York March 2023

Fung Ming Chip: Traces of Time

March 17-May 20, 2023
Beginning March 17th, 2023, Fu Qiumeng Fine Art will mount a special presentation of Chinese artist Fung Ming Chip's (冯明秋, born 1951) latest series, Number Series, while also showcasing the artist’s unique approach to the medium of shufa (书法, the art of writing) through a selection of works taken from across his long career. An accomplished poet, playwright, essayist, and seal carver, Fung’s latest works deconstruct shufa by exploring the connection between writing, self-representation, and time.

On view through May 20th, Traces of Time features 19 works that illuminate Fung Ming Chip’s evolving art practice and calligraphic philosophy in the past four decades. In the newest series Number Script, Fung builds upon his past experiments, using successive layers of Arabic numbers, inky washes, and calculated excisions to transcribe his full process of creation. Every action-from the first stroke of his brush to his final affixture of his seals–is clearly legible on the page. Each work thus functions as an unbroken transcription of Fung’s artistic process and, by extension, a portrait of the artist himself.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Daniel Greenberg, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Minnesota.