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Ippodo Gallery

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32 East 67th Street
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New York 10065

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Magic of the Tea Bowl, Volume 2

June 2-July 7, 2022
Opening reception: Thursday, June 2, 5-8pm

The Japanese tea ceremony was first established during the 16th century and has continued to flourish to the present day. Closely related to Zen philosophy, it has held a central place in Japanese art, culture, and soul. Known as chawan, tea bowls are handed from the tea master, who prepares the tea, to the guests, transmitting the scent and warmth of the tea through the hands to the lip.

Ippodo Gallery held the Magic of the Tea Bowl exhibition last year, which was collected during the height of the pandemic (2020-2021) by visiting workshops around Japan. Many tea bowls left the hands of potters to the hands of their owners. In this second exhibition, Ippodo has added new artists and collected their masterpieces: Yasushi Fujihira, Hideyuki Fujisawa, Noriyuki Furutani, Hiroshi Goseki, Tomoyuki Hoshino, Morimistu Hosokawa, Takeshi Imaizumi, Koichiro Isezaki, Yukiya Izumita, Tsubusa Kato, Kohei Nakamura, Akio Niisato, Mokichi Otsuka, Kai Tsujimura, Shiro Tsujimura, Yui Tsujimura, Koichi Uchida, and Kodai Ujiie.

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