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Indian, Himalayan &
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Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art

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Religious Art: Exaltation through Expression

September 14 – 22, 2023
Asia Week Hours: Monday-Sunday (10am-5pm), Appointments suggested

For Asia Week Autumn 2023, we are pleased to present Religious Art: Exaltation through Expression, featuring a fine gilt-bronze of Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini, a vibrant painting from a unique Nepalese Bhagavata Purana, and a carefully curated selection of sculptures from India, Nepal, and Tibet.

This exhibition throws light on the fact that classical and ancient art has often, if not always, been created with the ardent purpose of religious worship. Human self–expression in this realm of art therefore takes the form of religious exaltation and underscores the existence of art as a shrine– not only for religious worship– but for introspection, solitude, and reflection through profound indulgence. The collection put together for this exhibit cherishes the characteristic feature of art as a catalyst to ground oneself in the divine and thereby into one’s self. 

Virtual Exhibitions

Kapoor Galleries' website offers an abundant array of Virtual Exhibitions with fine paintings, sculptures, and works of art that can be perused in an online gallery. In addition to the recent exhibition Dhanvantari's Blessing, other notable presentations include Incarnations of Devotion: South Asian Works of Art, Incarnations of Devotion: Tibetan and Buddhist Paintings and Bronzes, and God/Goddess, to name a few. Viewers can follow a guided tour, which makes catalogue text readily available next to the artworks, or proceed as they wish.

To view the Virtual Exhibitions, click here