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Indian, Himalayan &
Southeast Asian Art

Indian, Himalayan & Southeast Asian Art

34 East 67th Street
Floor 3
New York 10065

Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm
otherwise by appointment

T (212) 888 2257
M (516) 286 1358

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Incarnations of Devotion

Kapoor Galleries presents Incarnations of Devotion for Asia Week New York Autumn 2021. The exhibition features an array of fine Indian miniature paintings as well as a carefully curated selection of artworks from India, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Highlights of the exhibition include an exquisite Indian painting of Radha watching a storm signed by the well-known Mandi artist Mohammadi; a graceful bronze Chola-period sculpture of Parvati with 1950s provenance; several outstanding Tibeto-Chinese scroll paintings depicting arhats and tantric deities; and a large and lustrous Tibetan gilt-bronze figure of Tara with dazzling inlaid jewelry.

Monday Through Friday
11am to 5pm
by appointment