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Japanese Art

Japanese Art

New York location

145 West 58th Street
Suite 6D
New York 10019

Monday-Friday (some Saturdays), 11am-5pm
(by appointment only)

T (212) 585 0474

Instagram: @scholten_japanese_art
Twitter: @ukiyoeNewYork

Scholten Japanese Art


On The Vanguard: Meiji Period Woodblock Prints (2nd rotation)

through August 28th

Scholten Japanese Art’s exhibition, On The Vanguard: Meiji Period Woodblock Prints, focuses on a dynamic period in the late 19th and early 20th century as Japan transformed from a feudal society based on samurai culture into a modern nation. The prints in this show explore how artists recorded and responded to the introduction of foreign elements, at times resisting the march toward modernity by embracing nostalgia. Ultimately, the artists who prevailed were those that were on the vanguard—leading the way—by balancing society’s intermittent longing for ‘Old Japan’ while adapting, and even embracing, a changing world.