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Upcoming Exhibitions

Oki Toshie

June 24-July 23, 2022
Born in Gunma in 1976, Okie Toshie studied under Iizuka Shokansai. Since she began exhibiting her works in 2002, she has maintained an active schedule of shows, won several important awards, and has had her work enter several museums, including the Portland Arts Museum in Portland, Oregon. Most recently, some of her creations were included in Masterpieces of Bamboo Art: Katsushiro Soho and Fujinuma Noboru at the Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts in Utsunomiya in 2020.

Commenting on her work, Okie remarked, "It is a joy for me to create my artwork. At the same time, it is painful. Every time I push my creative boundaries, I hit walls of resistance. This makes me realize how incompetent I am and how much there is still to learn. On top of that, it shows a part of me that I want to hide. This process is, however, a necessary part of my life just as eating and sleeping are. I chose to work in the Traditional Craft Organization which has many rules and regulations that limit working in more sculptural forms. Despite this, I am very comfortable working within this restrained freedom to express myself."

Honma Hideaki

July 29-August 27, 2022
Born in 1959 in Hatano-cho, Sado-gun, Niigata prefecture, Honma Hideaki is the adoptive son of the bamboo artist Honma Kazuaki. Hideaki draws inspiration for his creations from nature on Sado Island, where he lives, and uses men’yadake, a local variety of bamboo that is soft and flexible. In addition to practicing karate and tea ceremony, the artist balances his devotion to his family with a commitment to community, spending much of his time as an advocate of local culture.

This summer Honma Hideaki returns to TAI Modern, where he has exhibited several times in the past. Recently he has re-dedicated himself to developing his distinctive style, separate from his well-known father.

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