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Japanese Art

Japanese Art

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Asia Week Exhibition 2021

Ten Thousand Flowers

Ten Thousand Flowers pairs Japanese bamboo art with flowers in a nod to their longstanding relationship. In the 6th century, it was customary to place offerings of flower petals in bamboo trays before an image of the Buddha. Over time, arrangements of stemmed flowers replaced petals. Eventually, the presentation of flowers became more ornamental and relocated to living quarters, where they were important design elements. Today, bamboo artists do not necessarily expect that their work will be used to hold flowers. The importance of functionality and relevance of ikebana is a matter of active debate, and each artist has a different stance.

Winter Shadows

The shadows cast by bamboo art are anything but unremarkable. This winter, we celebrate the spectacular shadows that are often an integral part of Japanese bamboo artworks.

Sometimes subtle, often dramatic, the works featured in this online exhibition cast shadows almost as beautiful as the works themselves.