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Rustam before Kai Kavus having knocked down Tus Download Image icon

Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch, Ltd. (London, UK)

Rustam before Kai Kavus having knocked down Tus
Folio from a Shahnama
Bijapur, India, circa 1610
Ink, opaque watercolour and gold on gold-sprinkled paper; and a further detached folio, unillustrated, with two captions in red on gold ground and one on its verso; each with four columns of nasta’liq divided by gold rules; re-margined
5 1/3 by 3 in.; 13.5 by 8 cm. painting 8 by 4 3⁄4 in.; 20.5 by 12.3 cm. folio

Galloway Pandan Download Image icon

Francesca Galloway (London, UK)

Rare Pandan
North India, Mughal, 17th century
Gilt copper and blue champleve enamel
H. 7.5 cm; Dia 13.5 cm

A pair of hongmu square stools Download Image icon

Nicholas Grindley LLC (New York & UK)

A pair of hongmu square stools
Qing dynasty, Kangxi period, early 18th century
height 47 cm / 18 1/2 in
width 55.6 cm / 21 7/8 in
depth 55.6 cm / 21 7/8 in

Utagawa Hiroshige Download Image icon

Hara Shobo (Tokyo, Japan)

Utagawa Hiroshige
Toto ryogoku yusen no zu (View of pleasure boats at Ryogoku, the Eastern capital)
triptych, polychrome woodcut, Japan

inkstone case Download Image icon

HK Art & Antiques LLC (New York, NY)

An inkstone case (Yeonsang)
Joseon Dynasty (Late 19th century)
Persimmon wood
15 1/2 x 10 x 14 3/4in.

Izzard Drunken Geisha Kunisada..peg Download Image icon

Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art (New York, NY)

Utagawa Kunisada (1786‒1865)
With Goryūtei Tokusho (1793–1853), author
A Tipsy Courtesan from Fukagawa
Color woodblock print, aiban uchiwa-e, 9¼ x 11⅝ in. (23.5 x 29.5 cm); circa 1830
Series: Three Fashionable Tipplers (Fūzoku san-nin namayoi)
Signature: Gototei Kunisada ga

Kaikoko Oxen Download Image icon

Kaikodo (Pepeekeo, HI)

Four Bronze Long-horned Bulls and a Horse
Western Han dynasty
3rd-1st century B.C.
Lengths:17.8 to 24.8 cm. (7 to 9 3/4 in.)

Kapoor Uma Download Image icon

Kapoor Galleries Inc. (New York, NY)

Uma (Parvati)
South India, Tamil Nadu, Chola period, 11th-12th century
Copper alloy
15 x 8.5 in. (38.1 x 21.59 cm.)

Kitaōji Rosanjin Download Image icon

Joan B. Mirviss, LTD (New York, NY)

Kitaōji Rosanjin (1883-1959)
Size: 17 ¼” H x 15 ½” D
Media: Glazed Stoneware

Nuo Mask of a Wise Leader Download Image icon

Thomas Murray (Mill Valley, CA)

Nuo Mask of a Wise Leader
Minority Areas, Southwest China
Wood, pigment, fiber
19th/ early 20th Century
9.25 in / 24 cm